Investor Relations Consulting

We work closely with management teams to develop an effective corporate message, followed by the design and implementation of a results-oriented and cost-effective investor relations program. CPG delivers original ideas to heighten investor awareness and can execute some or the entire program, freeing management from time-consuming burdens associated with public ownership. From the development of disclosure policy statements, to discreet industry and peer/competitor surveillance, to direct introductions with pre-qualified institutional investors, CPG can add value to any corporation's IR efforts. Each client program is individually tailored to complement its in-house resources. CPG's comprehensive suite of IR services allows corporations to efficiently outsource some or all of their IR functions, offering the peace of mind that comes with fixed pricing and state-of-the-art best practices.

Investor Fact Sheets

The investor fact sheet is a valuable tool for expanding investor awareness of your company. CPG takes an active role in creating and updating, at least quarterly, this informative, effective means of communication, which is then uploaded to your website, made available for emailing via PDF and printed for inclusion with investor packets. For companies with limited or no sell-side research coverage, the CPG investor fact sheet provides a convenient source of timely financial information and often comes to be relied upon by investors as well as employees.

Press Releases

CPG will do the initial drafting or edit copy prepared by the client. We manage the issuance and distribution of the press release—from obtaining exchange approval to monitoring newswire pickup and dissemination for timeliness and accuracy—and can have a CFA Charterholder available to act as investor and analyst contact as well as company spokesperson when needed.

Investor Targeting

CPG has extensive experience identifying institutional portfolio managers as well as buy- and sell-side equity analysts who seek investment opportunities consistent with companies' unique investment merits. In addition to the numerous personal relationships developed by CPG's managing directors in major financial centers such as New York, Boston and Chicago, we have crafted proven, cost-effective techniques for uncovering investors nationwide who fit our clients' targeting criteria. CPG's innovative technology goes well beyond tracking 13-F filings by also providing information concerning non-filing money managers and hedge funds. The result is much greater awareness regarding entities performing due diligence on your company.

Investor Introductions

We pride ourselves on our ability to arrange results-oriented meetings with pre-qualified institutional investors, analysts and other centers-of-influence in the capital markets—including specialists, market makers and investment bankers—all to the benefit of our clients. Prior to these meetings, we discuss with our clients each individual’s criteria or strategy for investment and determine the most effective method of presentation. We regularly accompany our clients to these meetings to make introductions, increasing the level of comfort for management as well as the audience.

IR Website Maintenance

CPG can design and maintain the entire IR portion of your website. Through regularly scheduled audits, CPG ensures the accuracy of the IR content on the site, optimizing its impact. Included are features such as embedded detailed stock quotes, interactive charting and real-time SEC filings, to name just a few, for which other service providers charge hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars each month. In addition, we upload press releases and other data in real time to our clients' sites as well as draft and furnish full-color PDF company fact sheets that are routinely updated and uploaded. The ClearSite service exceeds SOX and exchange corporate governance compliance mandates and also can provide management with logs detailing visitors to the company's website, when they visited and for how long, as well as what they viewed or downloaded while they were there. These features are included at no extra charge, creating significant savings for our clients while enhancing timeliness and usability for current and prospective shareholders.

SEC and Stock Exchange Compliance

CPG provides guidance on the dissemination of information to the financial community, keeping an eye on SEC and exchange requirements and promptly informing management when relevant new regulations arise. This includes securing the appropriate stock exchange clearance before issuing any news releases, assisting with new-listing applications and de-listing proceedings and helping to ensure compliance with SEC Regulation FD and SOX requirements.

Graphic Design and Creative Arts

Creative and graphic design needs—including annual report production, investor presentations and fact sheets, web content, corporate identity and branding, illustrations and much more—will be seamlessly produced in-house. We look forward to discussing how we can improve the visual appeal of your next project!

Investor Presentations

We will assist in developing a compelling PowerPoint investor presentation that clearly conveys your organization's business plan for enhancing shareholder value. Following meetings and presentations, CPG contacts audience members for feedback, which we relay to management and use to continually improve or refine the presentation. CPG can also print, bind and manage the delivery of investor handouts, freeing management to focus on delivering a persuasive message.

Annual Reports

CPG guides its clients in all aspects of the annual report development process. The annual report can be an important tool for communicating your company's message without the need to spend exorbitant sums on design or layout. CPG can assist by drafting or editing the annual letter to shareholders and other content in the report, providing graphic design and creative support, and project oversight. These services directly benefit clients by providing their preferred level of input at the most economical price.


The Securities and Exchange Commission has made the Internet-based delivery of proxy materials mandatory for all public companies. Adhering to Notice Only Proxy distribution requirements set forth by the SEC, CPG delivers a turnkey solution for the electronic delivery of proxy materials (e-Proxy). With CPG’s assistance, the use of the Internet as a delivery platform can enhance corporate governance, improve the shareholder communication process and significantly reduce the cost of printing and delivering paper proxy materials while, at the same time, providing an environmentally preferable solution. CPG also will inventory your proxy materials, host the requisite proxy webpage, perform on-demand fulfillment and printing, when necessary.

Peer Surveillance

CPG can discreetly provide customized peer surveillance reports for your company. Relevant news, meaningful institutional investor buy/sell activity, analyst coverage, and estimate or rating changes—plus trading activity, stock price performance, valuation metrics and other appropriate financial ratios—can be included. CPG monitors opinions, reports, morning notes and daily alerts from research departments at virtually all major Wall Street firms, investment banks, independent research firms and rating agencies.

Crisis Management

Through decades of hands-on practice, we have observed that a management credibility quotient exists in every company's stock price. It is not bestowed; it is earned over time. Consistent commitment to the following practices can significantly enhance the credibility of any organization's management team:

  • Limit the number of messengers.
  • Know your investors.
  • Manage investor expectations.
  • Communicate openly in good times and bad.
  • Always follow the intent of the laws of disclosure.
  • Monitor investor sentiment and listen to feedback.
  • Monitor your competition and their investors.
  • Never deliver a negative earnings surprise.
  • Do not yearn for another company's P/E ratio.
  • Never, ever hype.

By adhering to these practices, most IR calamities can be avoided. Nevertheless, the unforeseeable can, and sometimes does, happen. When, despite your earnest efforts, such an event occurs, CPG can guide you through these potentially troubling moments—rapidly assessing the situation, and recommending and implementing appropriate actions to convey a consistent message—as we strive for a timely and favorable conclusion.

Investor/Analyst/Media Contact

CPG's managing directors have spent many years acting as spokespersons for public companies in a wide variety of industries. Oftentimes investors, analysts and media personnel prefer to have a reliable independent source who is easily accessible. Moreover, CPG's clients benefit from having a CFA Charterholder available to act as a company contact for the financial community.

Investor Database Management

CPG handles all day-to-day email distribution list updates and maintenance. We have developed efficient methods to ensure accuracy and we record and log all changes. Moreover, management has access to up-to-the-minute list changes. Additionally, we monitor the issuance of company news to ensure timely receipt by interested investors and analysts.

Conference Call and Webcasting

CPG will coordinate arrangements with your provider of choice, or recommend reliable and cost-effective vendors from conference call service providers to Internet streaming providers. Our service includes writing or editing scripts, preparing management for probable questions that may arise during the call and rehearsing appropriate responses, drafting and properly disseminating invitations ensuring SEC Regulation FD compliance, reading safe-harbor disclosures and performing proper introductions so management can begin the call comfortably.

Email Distribution

Via our unique technology platform, CPG will disseminate e-mails of press releases to the client's distribution list at no additional charge. CPG-prepared press releases always will be conveniently formatted for immediate printing, and contain your company logo and an embedded stock quote. A survey to monitor investor sentiment is included to ensure that your message is being communicated effectively. As part of its distribution-list maintenance service, CPG also will manage address changes and monitor receipt, making follow-up contact when necessary. CPG’s efforts substantially increase the number of investors receiving a company's news. Anyone viewing your news release anywhere on the Internet can opt-in to your distribution system with a simple click on an embedded link.

Executive Speech Writing

CPG develops, writes and edits conference call scripts and IR-related management speeches. This also includes scripts or outlines to accompany investor presentations, annual meetings and other similar speaking engagements of senior management.

By providing attentive and helpful service to shareholders via the supply of investor packets and prompt answers to questions, as well as attending to transfer agent matters like lost certificates and changes of address, CPG relieves clients of many time-sucking burdens, allowing them to focus on other aspects of their business. CPG diligently logs and follows up on all requests from shareholders to ensure they have received information in a timely manner.

Social Media

Social media, including Twitter and Facebook, is earning a growing following as a viable channel for investor engagement. As these networks quickly develop significant audiences, perceptive management teams are harnessing inherent opportunities to broaden their companies’ overall digital footprint, enabling substantial increases in analyst and investor following. From establishing a presence on the most popular social media networks to monitoring, CPG provides clients a turn-key solution using best practices to greatly enhance their Internet presence as well as keep up with the quickly evolving landscape.

Mail Fulfillment

CPG expedites delivery of investor materials, including investor packets, E-Proxies and other requests, usually on the same day that they are received. All requests and subsequent fulfillment are recorded, logged and archived.​​