At CPG, our work is done with genuine integrity. Our organization advocates transparency, accuracy and timeliness, and we desire clients who share these values. The market capitalization of our clients ranges from more than $10 billion to less than $100 million. Through implementation of a customized CPG IR program—which incorporates industry best practices and adapts to changes in technology and investor preferences—any IR program can be enhanced.

Through our many years of practice, we have observed that a management credibility quotient exists in every company's stock price. It is not bestowed; it is earned over time. Consistent commitment to the following 10 Most Admired IR Practices can significantly enhance the credibility of any organization's management team:

10. Limit the number of messengers.

9. Know your investors.

8. Manage investor expectations.

7. Communicate openly in good times and bad.

6. Always follow the intent of the laws of disclosure.

5. Monitor investor sentiment and listen to feedback.

4. Monitor your competition and their investors.

3. Never deliver a negative earnings surprise.

2. Do not yearn for another company's P/E ratio.

1. Never, ever hype.