Maximize Your Investor Relations Efforts, Effortlessly, With ClearSite®

IR Website Management

CPG professionals manage every aspect of the investor relations area of your website. Unlike "web authoring tools," the ClearSite solution automatically builds valuable informational libraries. Text, spreadsheets, slide presentations, and audio and video communications can be easily managed and instantly updated, enabling you to lever every communications effort. Key-word and key-phrase searches allow your audiences to quickly and easily research your company or find answers to specific questions without the need to contact company management.

Today’s corporate executives enjoy a growing multitude of options to convey their messages to the investment community. With competition for investors’ capital fiercer than ever, companies must be prepared to optimally communicate why they warrant attention. Even when an ideal match for a company's story has been pinpointed among the myriad of portfolio managers, industry analysts and the media, how does management ensure that story is being perceived fully and accurately, and in a manner that attracts investors and maximizes retention?

CPG’s ClearSite® platform is a turnkey solution that improves investor engagement in a timely and cost-effective manner. ClearSite’s contact management tools streamline the process of developing highly successful long-term relationships with the global financial community. At the same time, accuracy and timeliness of investor communications are enhanced, while recurring costs are reduced.

Investor Relations Program Reporting and Analysis

ClearSite is a unique technology platform that facilitates building world-class investor relations programs. The system monitors numerous measurements of the effectiveness and efficiency of a company’s IR initiatives and produces feedback that allows the team of professionals at CPG to ensure continuous improvement.

Perception Monitoring and Analysis

ClearSite provides real-time monitoring and analysis of investor perception, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our tools enable instantaneous interaction with institutional and other major shareholders, analysts and prospective investors. You can view statistical analyses of the understanding, reaction and expectations generated by your communication program—within the financial community as a whole, a specific geographic or investor type, or even a single individual.

Global Distribution Network

ClearSite distributes your investor information directly to the desktops of thousands of institutional and retail investors. The ability to instantly broadcast content such as audio, video, documents, spreadsheets or slide presentations is at your fingertips. Furthermore, anyone viewing your company’s news on the Internet can opt in to your distribution system via an embedded link in every press release. This consistently leads to a substantial increase in the number of investors receiving your company’s news. ClearSite puts your company on the radar screen of qualified institutional investors. From any financial portal, the financial community can research your company, become part of your email list, request mailings and enjoy your company’s interactive investor tools.

Integrated Contact Management

ClearSite consolidates contact profiles, contact history, email lists and mailing lists into a single integrated solution. With the click of a button, CPG can instantly search and sort for investors by type, location or even by investment interest in your company. The service enables CPG to lever your communications efforts with your company's audiences, minimizing redundancies and maximizing effectiveness. We can export your entire contact database for use in any electronic organizer such as Outlook or a wireless device.

Secure Communications Link

To ensure the integrity of your contact lists, ClearSite automatically confirms the validity of the person seeking information from your website and builds a secure password protected two-way connection. ClearSite enables your investors to manage their own mailing information and multiple email accounts for their home, office and wireless devices. Through the system’s optional investor tracking capability, you will know who visited your website, when they visited and what they viewed while they were there.

Data Feeds for Corporate IR Websites

ClearSite provides your corporate website with all major financial data, including embedded detailed stock quotes, interactive stock charts, SEC filings, and press releases. Interactive charts provide intraday and historical charts and EDGAR filings are posted to your company’s website in real time. This feature not only reduces your in-house responsibilities and costs, but also clearly demonstrates that your company employs industry best practices with regard to IR communications and transparency.